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We Specialize in Opportunity Zone Business Funds

There are three kinds of Opportunity Zone Funds: 

  1. Real Estate only (OZRE)  
  2. Operating Business Funds (OZB) 
  3. OZB funds that include OZ/RE (OZB+RE)

We specialize in the last two categories.  Opportunity Zone Funds that include OZB can generate significantly better returns and impact than OZ real estate only funds.  


 That's why we launched the first OZB fund in the country and Forbes ranked it as one of the top 10 funds in the country!  

We now want to help you get your OZB fund up and running at considerably less cost, time and difficulty.

Opportunity Zone business investing is complex. We spent 6 months and a 6 figure investment building the first multi-asset OZB fund in the country (www.thepearl.fund).   

We found and hired the leading OZ firms in the country to build our offering documents.  Together we figured out how to build and launch a fully compliant multi-asset OZB fund.  Now you can benefit from what we have accomplished.


OZB Fund: Administration, Management and Compliance

You supply the OZ business opportunities, marketing and the investors we set up, launch the fund on a beautiful investment portal where investors can create their own account, review all your investment materials and e-sign them.  No need for paper documents and express mail.

OZB funds must be managed properly and the businesses they invest in must be properly vetted to be in OZB compliance.  Our management services are on top of the regulations from the U.S .Treasury department as well as the SEC.  We also track and manage handle all compliance issues OZBs must follow through the entire 10 year + investment period.  


Why Us?

Our team is the first to build,  launch and do daily fund management on a multi-asset business opportunity zone fund.  It's very complex, time-consuming and expensive. However, it's worth it to do it right and to do it well.  Forbes agreed and gave us a "Top 10 OZ fund" ranking.

We can get your fully IRS, SEC-compliant OZB up and running in less than a month and for much less cost than we had to pay.  Included are all the legal documents (PPM, LPA, Subscription Agreement, & SEC filing) up and hosted on our online investment portal. 

We know more about all of the complexities required to constantly monitor and comply with investors needs, the IRS, the OZ regulations and the SEC. 

 Our team is comprised of people with different kinds of legal, tax and venture experience, but we all have this in common a commitment to integrity and timely, best in class service and helping generate significant returns with impact.



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